Tuesday, September 1, 2015

4 At-Home Tips to Reduce Neck Tension

The neck is one of our most important body parts. Holding up our heads and allowing us to turn and view as needed, it's what keeps us upright and alert throughout the entire day. Yet it's also very easily injured … if even slightly. Simply by sleeping or turning wrong, you can pull a muscle or jolt a bone – a single move that can cause pain for days on end. Even worse comes stress or daily habits that create ongoing tension.

To obtain better neck health and to eliminate pain … without drugs or expensive treatments, consider:

4. Temperature Changes 

Depending on what ails you, isolated heat or a cold compress can do wonders for the neck. Talk to a pro or research which extreme will provide the best results. Then create temperature changes right where they're needed most. You can also look to lotions or salves that add or remove degrees simply with application.

3. Stretching

Neck muscles are most often pulled because they are under developed. However, turning your head in certain directions or performing strengthening movements can eliminate that issue. By creating a stronger, more versatile portion of the body that won't strain with sudden movement. 

2. More Pillow Support

When sleeping "wrong," your neck can suffer immensely during waking hours. Simply from being jarred or unsupported throughout the night. (And for hours on end.) Instead of risking this painful fate, enlist the help of a pillow that offers its healing services. Comfort and better neck health, all while you sleep.

1. Massage

Sore muscles deserve to be relaxed, and nothing relieves quite as much tension than an old-fashioned neck rub. Schedule an appointment, ask your significant other, or invest in a small device that will work out kinks. It's a proven, relaxing step that can negate pain while helping reduce future injuries.