Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mattress Care Practices to Help Improve Your Health

It's common knowledge to flip one's mattress every few years. To keep clean sheets and replace the pillows once they've gone flat. Most of which are to help implement cleanliness and comfort. But what about steps that can also improve health? By being aware of certain mattress care tricks, you can work to keep your body both cozy and working properly.

Tips like:

Cleaning the Mattress

Or securing it in a hypoallergenic cover. You'd be surprised how much dust can build up over time, and a deep steam cleaning can keep your sleeping surface clean. Ideally, this is done professionally, and every other year (if not every year). It's a step that can remove germs as well as allergens (think of all the times you were sick, a pet slept in your bed). When left unclean, you're breathing in these microbes every night during sleep – yuck!

Turning the Bed

You might flip your mattress in order to help offset weight, but do you turn it, too? Get even wear by ensuring both sides of the bed are gaining equal use, and one section isn't becoming too quickly worn. And for those who have one-sided mattresses, turning is especially important. Plan this easy fix for every six months. 

Upgrading Your Mattress Pad

There are all levels of mattress pads available. For some, it's just a thin buffer between the sheets, and for others, it's an entire layer of cushion. No matter your comfort preferences, look for a version that will help protect your bed. A pad that locks out germs or liquids (ideal for small children or anyone who takes a beverage into bed), or is hypoallergenic. Meaning keeps germs or allergy triggers from embedding deep into your mattress.

These and weekly laundry routines can all help you sleep healthier at night. Working toward a longer term, clean sleeping environment. 


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