Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Downsides to Drastic Temperature Changes

This time of year, Mother Nature is in full transition mode. Tailing off from summer, she's ready to guide us into a chillier climate. And for some, those cold days have already taken over. Other regions, however, have been holding onto the heat for dear life. Maybe even treading back and forth between days of fall, and those that feel summer-worthy.

But what's the big deal about indecisive weather? And why not have a variation? Aside from the annoyance of never being able to plan a daily outfit, there are additional downsides to seasons that won't level out. And not only to your belongings (we hate to winterize deck items once, let alone multiple times), but to the body – the most valuable belonging of them all. 

When temperatures are constantly changing and humidity levels across the board, there's a good chance you can feel it deep within the body. Down into the bones, every single time you move a joint. The discomfort is just that cantankerous. Generally they are associated as "growing" pains, which can be described as dull aches that last for most of the day. Feelings that are more annoying than harsh.

Scientists agree that these discomforts are caused by changes in barometric pressure. Dips, that, a few times per year are manageable. But when seasons are constantly flip-flopping back and forth, that means more pains, more often. And unfortunately, there's not much that can be done about it. Many take over-the-counter pain medications. Others agree that exercise helps. However, for the worst sufferers, it's likely that your weather aches will still fall into play. 

As we ease into October, weather changes will become fewer or further between. In the meantime, talk to your doctor or look to personalized methods to make these weather related issues as mild as possible.