Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cervical Pillows Now Buy-One-Get-One Free!

Memory Foam Cervical Pillow
What is the Contour Cervical Pillow?

One of our best sellers (and crowd favorites), the Contour Cervical Pillow is designed to cradle the neck and encourage alignment for the entire spine. That means constant support and pain-fighting abilities while you rest. With a special setup that holds the head, rather than propping it up, the pillow adds comfort and relief from bone or muscle aches. Did we mention it's super comfortable, too?

By curving with the body, sleepers can keep their spine straight throughout the night. Whether sleeping on their back or side. Traditional pillows keep you on an incline, or push you into a surface. It's a practice, that, over time, can cause pain during your waking hours. (Or even while you're trying to sleep.) In contrast, the Cervical Pillow works with your natural shape, then adds comfort to the mix with its plush memory foam. A combination that allows for the highest level of back health – without risking sleep.

The pillow also comes with:
  • 100% memory foam comfort
  • a crescent shape that's made to custom fit the neck and head
  • head-cradling abilities
  • a removable cover for easy washing

Ready to start sleeping on this highly praised pillow? To increase body alignment while reducing pains? And without spending a fortune? Head to our product page – just click the link and you can learn more about what the pillow has to offer, or get started shopping today!