Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Customer Reviews: The Freedom Seat Cushion

Are you looking for some back or rear support while sitting? What about adding comfort, seat height, or circulation abilities? As well as encouragement to sit up straight? All of these reasons, and more, have caused others to look toward seat cushions like Contour's Freedom model. A supportive material that helps you get more work done, without causing aches and pains. 

But don't take our word for it, see what others have to say about their experiences with the Freedom Seat Cushion. 

"Fractured my tail bone and ordered the cushion designed for this problem and it is great – I take it with me to my car, office, restaurants, etc. And it has provided great relief." Joan S.
"Cushion helps relieve hip pain on long car rides for me." Krista 
"At age 72 I know it is normal to feel a stiffness upon rising from a sitting position. However, with this full pillow back support, it just doesn't happen anymore and I am so pleased. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs more than lumbar support." Marlene 
"The Freedom Seat Cushion does help to seat you properly and in turn, is comfortable for your lower back." JT 
"This is the best seat cushion I've ever used, it provides just the right support for my tailbone and is very light and portable. I have used it every day since I got it! I previously bought a much more expensive cushion that I ended up giving away – I will recommend this one to anyone who needs some seating support. I now look forward to traveling again!" Anonymous 
"I drive a fort lift 10 hours a day. This cushion and back support are just what I wanted. Thanks." Larry 
"Firm support pad, perfect for my office chair. Since I sit at a PC all day long, it helps!" 

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