Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yoga Poses to Help Ease Neck Pain

A crick in the neck – whether recurring or a one-time thing – is downright uncomfortable. The pinching and pressure makes it hard to enjoy the day, let alone get through it without the assistance of a pain reliever. But luckily, there are a number of stretches and poses that can help ease your burden. Look to these simple yoga moves the next time you’re feeling down in the neck.

Cow Face Arms

Yogies will know just how to achieve this move. And for the rest of us, it’s done by kneeling all the way down on one’s mat. Then taking the hands and holding them together just below the nape of the neck so that one elbow is pointed toward the ceiling and the other the floor. Hold for several deep breaths to get the best results.

8-Point Shoulder Opener

This pose is done with the help of a block. Place your head on top of your rectangle while laying on your back with the knees up and feet on the floor. Next join your hands behind the back and place to one side of the body. Just remember this is a deep stretch, so ease in with caution!

Shoulder Opener on Blocks

Another pose with a block, this time take your prop and place it on its tall end. Kneel all the way down and place your elbows on top of the block. Slowly start to lower the head as deep as feels comfortable. This one can be held slightly longer, especially as it allows you to stretch deeper the longer you relax.

Other yoga moves that help the neck include shoulder openers, fish or supported fish pose, thread the needle, spinal twists, and other gentle variations that allow the neck to stretch, but without applying too much pressure in the process.