Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Work From Home With These Helpful Products

When certain things take place, sometimes it’s just better to work from home. To get a few things done out of the office, rather than risking to infect the entire place. Whether your contagious, have just suffered a family tragedy, or even just have a last-minute deadline you don’t want to wait around at work to finish up. Maybe you even work from home every day as a norm.

Whatever your circumstances, however, there are plenty of products to help you along the way. That can improve posture and circulation … all from the comfort of your own home. But while still getting plenty of work done! 

To gain the most of your home-working experience, try: 

The Flip Pillow

This Contour favorite is adjustable and perfect for typing in bed. Or while on the couch. It helps keep you upright and comfortable through a number of positions, with plenty of support along the way. Use it for the back, to prop your laptop, to elevate the feet and keep blood flowing. No matter how long the work session.

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Fleece Wedge

Another great work-from-home product comes in the form of the Fleece Wedge. With it, workers can perch and lean in comfortable fashion. Its ergonomic design offers a gentle incline without taking away from function. Turn on its massage feature to add to your relaxation!

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In addition to these wedge pillows, Contour shoppers can gain access to seat cushions, head supports, wrist relaxation, etc. All of which can work together (or separately, depending on each worker’s needs) in order to gain the biggest bout of support. Whether working from home every day or just when certain circumstances take place. Either way, Contour helps add function to any at-home work environment; consider expanding yours today.