Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

The warmer it gets, the more difficult it can be to keep yourself hydrated. The temperatures goes up and you're left sweating and thirsty for a majority of the day. It's a pattern, that, after time can become tired and cumbersome, leading you to not drink as much as you should. Or to try and avoid outdoor activities rather than to keep a glass full of cold water. 

But by ensuring that your body is consuming the right liquids you can help make that task much easier.

First off, drink plenty of water – generally half of your body weight in ounces is a good amount. This will help flush the body while still making sure it has enough water to perform its daily duties in a healthy manner. If water plain doesn't do it for you, look to natural additives, such as honey and lemon, cucumbers, or other fruits that can flavor your daily drinks. (Be on the look out for sugary mixes or concentrates as they can come with dehydrating sugars and chemicals.)

Sports drinks, healthy teas, juices, and more can also be considered, just be sure and read labels thoroughly so you're not ingesting unwanted substances. 

Next, check for drinks that rob you of that water content. Sodas, high caffeine counts, etc. can all work to dehydrate you. Even though they're liquid (and oftentimes based with water.) Keep caffeine to a minimum, and read labels for sugar contents or any other "draining" ingredients. 

Finally, it's time to listen to your body. It knows when it needs more liquid, when it needs to eat, and so on. The key is to not only learn to listen, but more importantly, understand what each cue means. Rather than mistaking hunger or a sweet tooth, you can know when water is needed – a sure-fire way to avoid dehydration.