Thursday, June 18, 2015

Travel with the Inflatable BackMax

Traveling is generally something we love – it’s a chance to see new things or visit with old friends. To get out of the house and have a break from work, or life, or whatever else might be wearing you down. 

But that doesn’t mean that getting to your destination is always a picnic. More often than not, travel calls for rides in multiple vehicles and lots and lots of sitting. And just when you think it’s almost over, yes there’s even more sitting. However, for those suffering from medical problems, traveling logistics are even more unpleasant. 

But thanks to the inflatable BackMax, those of all ailments can gain relief on the go. Because air can be added (and then removed) as needed, patients have easy access to comfort, support, and extreme pain relief. Without having to transfer a bulky or heavy pillow on their trip. 

How it Works

The inflatable BackMax comes with the same setup as the original. Multiple wedges that can be moved and rearranged as needed to account for some of the worst pains or conditions. Including acid reflux, surgery recovery, chronic back pains, aches, and more. And because most of these ailments are put on high alert when traveling (whether from sleeping in a different bed or eating foods your body isn’t accustomed to), it’s also the time when you need relief the most. Especially for those who might be on the road for a big surgery – extra recovery time, and plenty of resting afterwards. Even when in the car.

To make the most out of your traveling logistics, the inflatable BackMax can help make the trip. Cutting out pains and lowering symptoms along every step of the way. Consider ordering yours today – and in plenty of time for your next big trip.