Thursday, June 4, 2015

Survive your Next Road Trip with These 5 Items

Summer months are prime time for traveling. The weather is cooperating, seasonal events are taking place in your area, and it’s also likely that you’ve caught the bug. The one that makes you want to get out and see things and experience all types of culture … or your same old favorites, just at new venues. No matter your summer plans, however, chances are you have to travel to get to them. Even if it’s just slightly. 

No matter how far your next trip, these items will make sure you get there with plenty of comfort and support to spare.

5. The Twist Neck Pillow

Adjustable and the perfect size to keep your head upright – especially for sleeping in the car – try the Twist Neck Pillow for all your car sleeping needs. Bend as needed to create the exact shape and style you prefer.

4. Comfort Travel Cushion

Sitting for hours on end can be rough on the rear. But with the Comfort Travel Cushion, you can add plush layers right where they’re needed the most. Roll it up for extra neck leverage, or place behind the back for an added lumbar prop.

3. Inflatable Neck Cushion

This device is the ultimate travel companion. Not only does the Inflatable Neck Cushion provide some much needed neck reinforcements, it can be deflated for easy suitcase storage. Just inflate when needed, and press out the air when it’s not! 

2. Headache Ice Pillow

Driving (or riding) is known to make even the strongest headache-prone. Rather than fighting them off, relax with this made-for-pain pillow. Pack in an ice pouch and relax the aches away with the convenient Headache Ice Pillow

1. CPAP Pillow

Traveling with a CPAP machine can be a pain, but with this pillow, complete with strategic cutouts, life just got easier. Pack along this CPAP accessory for easy travel and even better sleep.