Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Water Pillow at Contour Living

We're happy to offer a brand new design by Core Products: The Core Basic Water Pillow.

The Core Basic Water Pillow is the first to have a water chamber with a displacement panel. This displacement panel quiets the sound of the water plus keeps the neck better supported because it prevents water from flowing into the center of the pillow. The unique design of the new Core Basic Water Pillow combines supple comfort with proper neck support.

The Core Basic Water Pillowi s made with a high quality 100% cotton fiber cushion enclosing a therapeutic, specially designed water chamber. The water chamber is removable for easy and spill-free filling. Plus, the handy support guide makes it easy to choose the correct water level for your individual firmness desired.

I have a sample here in my office and the quality is supurb! See it now at ContourLiving: