Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Best Types of Back-Friendly Luggage

When traveling, even the most planned of trips often come with a snafu. Whether a flight was delayed, you got hung up in security, or the line for coffee was just way too long, things never seem to go as planned. When dealing with body aches, however, the annoyance level is only magnified. Which is why it’s a good idea to make the things we can control go as smoothly as possible, such as luggage.

Whether or not you deal from back pains, carrying a heavy suitcase through an airport is bound to cause a few sore muscles. Rather than toting this item from plane to plane, consider choosing luggage that’s easier to maneuver instead. 

Suitcases That Make Life Easier

First off, decide whether you’ll be checking your bag or taking it with you. While the latter might save a few funds, it can also cause more in the way of hassle and frustration. Before hauling all your belongings through the airport, consider checking it for a weight-free travel experience. While it will cost a little more, it will free you up for ease of movement and leave your back rested.

Whether carrying on or checking, however, wheels are your friend. Generally, four-wheeled suitcases are the easiest to maneuver. Two will also allow fluid motion, but with more weight resting on the arm, wrist, and shoulder. 

Next, think of your “personal item,” or purse/bag that you’re allowed on the plane. Oftentimes these are packed full of essentials and become heavy. Rather than leaving this to one shoulder, opt for a backpack, which will distribute it evenly across the back. Purses and other smaller bags can also be stored within book bags so as to not leave you without a smaller version upon landing. 

When flying, remember that suitcases can have a large (and weighted) impact on your body. Look to these ergonomic options to avoid excess weight when heading to a relaxation vacation.