Monday, May 5, 2014

What Can a Massage Do For your Health?

Oftentimes, when people thing of massages, they think of something that is extravagant or unnecessary. That it’s simply a pampering day at the spa and a prime way to spend time off work. And while that can sometimes be true, that’s not to say there are only superficial benefits to getting a massage. From health perks to gaining some much needed relaxation, it’s a practice that’s actually healthier than you might think. 

Just taking the time to lie down and rest your muscles is step one. This time allows the body to relax and redistribute weight to areas of the body that aren’t normally under pressure. (While the ones that are can get a break.) Those with back pain can also take this time to find a position that best treats their aches. For instance, with a zero gravity table, or one that dips the legs or shoulders for maximum weightless-ness.

Massage Health Benefits

Adding a massage, however, brings on an even bigger bout of rest and relaxation. During the process, your muscles will be contracted and turned into a properly recuperating machine. Toxins will be gently removed from the body, while circulation will be increased. Both from the toxin removal, and from the various pressure points that are massaged during the process.

After a massage, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water. That way the body can fully flush out excess chemicals, while providing for plenty of hydration for healing muscles. However, you should always talk with your masseuse about proper post-massage rituals. (Your doctor will also be a good source of guidance, especially for those suffering from long-term pains.) 

Whether looking to relax or for a way to help your muscles heal, a massage can be a great way to tackle them both. Talk to your local masseuse today about getting started.