Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rest Easy with the Contour Cloud Pillow

With the Contour Cloud Memory Foam Pillow, sleeping just got a whole lot better. Thanks to its memory foam and supportive features, those of all shapes and sizes (and sleeping preferences) can gain a customizable surface to sleep on each and every night. The more you sleep on the Cloud Pillow, the easier it will be to shape and contour your neck and head into a restful night of sleep.  

Best of all, this takes place while you’re sleeping. (An ultra comfortable, deeper, and more relaxed version of sleep.) No extra work required. Simply lay down to rest each night and work toward a better fitting pillow in the process. While also receiving the neck and bone support your spine needs in order to create proper alignment. 

Additional Cloud Pillow Features

  • Made with three layers to create a maximum level of body comfort and support
  • Stiffer bottom layer to improve the pillow’s integrity and to keep it from sinking or “bottoming out”
  • Comfort ridges that allow airflow and constant cooling abilities
  • Smart curved design that supports the neck while still leaving room for the shoulders
  • Choose from a queen or a king sized model to find the perfect fit

Customers also receive a pillow case made just for the Cloud Pillow’s dimensions so you can ensure your model is clean at all times. (Additional cases available with order.) 

Whether you suffer from a difficulty sleeping that just won’t go away or are just looking for a healthy way to improve your spine alignment, the Contour Cloud Pillow can provide just what you’re looking for. With its help you can sleep your way to better, more relaxing sleep each time you crawl into bed. 

Order yours today to receive a discount – for a limited time. Purchase two or more and receive free shipping!