Monday, April 7, 2014

Why it’s Important to Stay Ergonomically Correct with Electronics

As the public becomes more and more reliant on electronic-based entertainment, the way we react to tech has taken significant changes. While it can be hard to get through the day without a working cell phone or computer, there can be even more, less noticeable changes taking place. (Yes, some things are more important than a lousy Wi-Fi connection.) For instance, the way we use said technology. Because texting, talking on the phone, typing, and more are all a part of everyday life, they’re habits that can affect just how we move. Texting while hunched over (the most common pose) can cause pains in the neck, typing too long can cause carpal tunnel, and talking on the phone (usually while cradling the phone) might make you lean in an uncomfortable position.

But because these are habits – and usually come with an aspect of fun or multitasking – we rarely realize what or how we’re doing it. And while this might not sound like a big deal, when repeated, bad posture can have some serious consequences. This is especially true for those who are on their phones every single day for hours at a time. Soon side effects will begin to show, whether or not we can identify the culprit.

Rather than suffering from squinting eyes or strained backs, however, a simple fix can be found with ergonomics. (Or, though less likely, abstention.) By reducing the number of hours we spend on the phone each day, future pains or conditions can be eliminated before they have the change to develop into something more severe. 

When at the office, talk to your boss about any struggles or concerns that base from electronics. And while at home, consider more old-fashioned hobbies to replace those that come with a screen. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming post on ergonomically correct tech tips you can follow at home!