Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ergonomically Correct Tips for Using Tech

Earlier this week we talked about the dangers of using electronics incorrectly over time. How bad posture and craned muscles, pains and other ailments could worsen simply from texting or watching TV the “wrong” way. With just a little bit of bodily awareness, however, you can easily reverse those bad habits and replace them with something more ergonomically correct.

Computer Work

When at the computer, make sure your elbows sit at a 90-degree angle. This will not only help you type faster, but create a better resting position for your arms. Feet should also be flat on the floor, with the screen slightly below your line of sight. (Usually this calls for a sliding keyboard tray or a monitor stand.) Wrist wrests, natural keyboards, etc. can also be great additions for the long-term typer.


Generally with texting, the bigger the screen, the better. Hands weren’t meant to squeeze and cramp into one tiny location – instead, spread them out as much as possible. iPhones can be turned horizontal to allow for bigger keys, and many Android phones have a pencil-like feature where users drag their pointer finger from one key to the next. 

Also be sure to sit upright and avoid a bending neck when looking to read each text. 

Watching TV

Depending on how much TV you watch per day, it’s a habit that can create a number of issues. If you’re a long-term watcher, keep your posture in check whether on the couch or with the help of a recliner. Stretching or moving during commercial breaks can also eliminate decreased body activity – physically and internally.

Tablets and eReaders

These devices may make reading easier, but they can also do a number on your neck. Watch your leaning or hunching posture when using these devices to avoid literal pains in the neck. It’s also a good idea to lower the screen brightness to avoid eye issues such as spots or desensitized retinas. (Learn more by talking with your eye doctor about potential dangers.) 

To keep on track with all your technology, remember these body-friendly tips each time you log on.