Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reducing Back Pain Through the Feet

Its long-since been known that the feet are a gateway to the body. From various pressure points and strategically placed shoes, a number of conditions can be helped (and reduced) by adjusting the way we use our feet. A massage can make the pain go away, while sturdier shoes can work to eliminate the issue every time you take a step. Just by reworking the way weight is distributed and moving it toward a more cohesive setup, back pain, headaches, and more can all be reduced. 

While, in contrast, unsupportive shoes or going barefoot too often can actually increase some of these ailments. Especially if there is too much pressure put on the “wrong” areas of the foot. 

A Spa Day for the Feet

The key point is to determine exactly where your pains are located, and where that area connects to your feet. (Internally anyway.) But with ancient practices that pinpoint direct links between body parts and the feet, there are plenty of books and websites dedicated to better treatment. This can mean an experienced masseuse, spending some time in a parlor that specializes in detoxification and feet, or simply Googling a location and giving yourself an at-home cure. 

However, each person will react to treatments differently. Talk to your doctor, or visit an experienced pro to get the rundown. Once they explain the basics, you can work on regimens at home, before heading back to them for bigger tune ups. 

Other budget-friendly methods:

  • A foot bath
  • Shoe insoles
  • Quality lotion or foot exfoliators
  • Putting your feet up while sitting (check the ergonomics on this before making it an everyday event)
  • Spa deals, such as coupons or repeat discounts

Whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or another muscle-based issue, proper foot care can help put these aches at ease. Consider better foot treatment for you and the rest of your body.