Thursday, April 3, 2014

Derriere Exercises to Improve Everyday Stance

Out of all the daily exercises you can do, how many focus strictly on the rear? You know – your backside, your behind, the thing you sit on every day, and the very same body part that help keeps you upright. How often do you exercise this very important section? After all, it is the body’s largest muscle – yet rarely gets the toning attention it needs to perform properly. 

With just a few daily stretches or exercise (or bi-weekly, etc.), you can be well on your way to a better-formed backside. And better formed means stronger, firmer, and offering proper posture even in a relaxed state.

To up your glute’s health, remember the following.

Squat your Way to A More Defined Tush

Also great for the legs, squatting helps work the butt from top to bottom. Perform a few sets of squats with each work out to get the maximum about of rear-focused exercise. 

Lunges Stretch the Rump

Lunging on a regular basis can work to stretch and define the tail into a slick area of definition. Considering stretching – especially in the seat – has been proven to increase blood flow and allow for a stronger resting posture, this is a great option for everyday movement.

Bonus: Both of the above can be performed in the office or in-between TV breaks. Because they’re low-impact, use these stretches to get the blood flowing after sitting for long periods of time.

Stepping to a Stronger Posterior

Calves and backends alike can celebrate with ongoing step-ups. Take the stairs or a few bouts up and down the stairs to create a well-rounded workout routine.

Kickbacks Lead to a Stronger Fanny

Perhaps the most unorthodox of them all, kickbacks are performed by crouching on one’s elbows and knees, then literally kicking the leg back. Add variations and angles to work different glute muscles, or stick to what your body feels comfortable with. No matter your kickback regimen, it can add a great deal of strength and control to your bottom-toning routine.