Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Are Your Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep? TV Could Be To Blame

Watching television has long since been a controversial topic. Though it’s an avid source for entertainment and news, it’s not exactly healthy to sit in front of a box for hours on end. Especially when it’s used to watch non-educational content. The same can be said for playing video games or even allowing the TV to play in the background. Whatever its use, there are plenty of negative side effects that can come from watching TV – the latest of which includes one’s quality of sleep. 

According to sleep studies, scientists say that children who are exposed to too much screen time throughout the day don’t get enough quality sleep. This is not the first such study of its kind, however, the latest results encounter those who sleep and view TV in the same room. Whether the children are trying to sleep or simply previously viewed a program in the same room, the mix of activities triggers something that works to keep them awake. 

Some argue it’s due to the science within the brain – that if we do a certain activity in a certain place, our body subconsciously puts those two things together. Then, when we attempt to change that activity, we have a hard time adjusting. Others believe that, since the results are specific to kids, it’s more of an act of rebellion or rather wishing they were watching TV. Whereas adults can better recognize when they’re tired and therefore better value quality sleep.

Whatever the science behind it, it’s clear that kids and TV are not always a productive mix. To allow your kids to get the best sleep – as often as possible –consider limiting TV time, or making sure there are only televisions in living areas. (Not their bedroom.) Take advantage of this sleep perk study today – for both you and for your kids.