Thursday, April 24, 2014

CPAP Treatment to Reduce Diabetes

In the medical world, nothing is quite as good as a dual-purpose cure. Rather than treating two separate issues, both can be cured with a single cure. The odds of this working correctly, however, are very slim. How often can a patient reduce multiple problems with only one solution?

Thanks to some recent research, that’s exactly the case for CPAP machine. Not only does it allow for better, more restful sleep for those suffering from sleep apnea, it helps treat outside issues, such as diabetes. Patients who use their breathing machine on a regular basis have shown lessened effects of type two diabetes. Additionally, those who use daily treatment methods to control their diabetes have had better, more accurate results from their medication.

The CPAP Results in Action

This news comes after a controlled study, which outlined patients for the past five years. Here patients were selected based on their experiences with type two diabetes, then evaluated for prescription medications, as well as their past adjustments with the medicine. Scientists in the United Kingdom have been collecting data on those sleeping with the machines vs. those who were not. 

But how do the CPAP machines help? It’s thought that by better, uninterrupted sleep, patients are able to heal naturally rather than relying solely on the medicine’s involvement. Those who get better sleep are also proven to promote weight loss, increase blood flow, and create an increased amount of energy. This often means additional exercise and movement, which can also reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

What This Means

Whether or not you suffer from sleep apnea, but do suffer from type two diabetes, a CPAP machine could improve your treatment. Talk to your doctor about getting a machine, and learn more about how it might help your treatment.