Monday, December 30, 2013

Natural Ways to Encourage Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest can completely change the course of your day. Because you feel rested rather than groggy, you’re able to get an earlier start, have more energy, and begin the day with gusto. When sleep doesn’t come, however, that same energetic morning start is practically impossible.

So how do you get to sleep when it won’t happen naturally? Medications can be too strong and leave you groggier than you were tired, and counting sheep becomes boring while offering little results. But what if there were natural, effective methods to follow? Ones that could train the body to know when it’s time to get to sleep each night?

Better Sleep From Daily Habits
By following healthier practices as a rule, studies have shown folks get more sleep on a regular basis. Even those that tossed and turned before. This means healthier meals and regular movement, each of which offers their own contribution to nighttime rituals. Healthier meals means the body isn’t straining to digest heavy foods, which can cause pains or other uncomfortable functions when trying to sleep. As for exercise, this helps stretch and work the muscles, also tiring them out for the night.

Other natural factors include eating several hours before bedtime (so that foods have plenty of time to settle), and going to sleep at the same time each night. Obviously some exceptions have to be made, but when winding down around the same time each day, the body naturally learns when it’s time to sleep. This eliminates the fight that can occur when you’re tired, but the rest of you doesn’t quite agree. [NPR]

From improving eating and movement routines, as well as scheduling out a clear bedtime, one’s sleep can be greatly improved. Consider these minor, yet effective, changes to get a better night of rest.  Take care of your back and body during sleep with these products from Contour Living