Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Ortho-Fiber Pillow Offers Custom Sleeping-Fit Alternative

When it comes to lying down to sleep each night, nothing feels better than your own bed. It’s comfortable, offers the just-right conditions, and you get to control everything from the sheets to the firmness of the mattress. That also means the option for specialized pillows, bed covers, or anything else to customize your sleeping experience each and every night. Custom orders, however, can be expensive and complicated – which is why it’s a good idea to look for the next best thing.

With the Ortho-Fiber pillow, sleepers can cradle their head, neck, and receive a personalized level of softness and support. And all at a fraction of the time and expense. For those who enjoy various positions each night, it might even be a better offer, as the Ortho-Fiber allows for ample movement without straining or restricting your comfort levels.

How the Pillow Works

By offering a fluffy, supportive outside and a sunken middle, the Ortho-Fiber cradles and holds the entire upper spine. The back is also aligned, eliminating craning or other pain-inducing positions throughout the night. By encouraging a proper sleeping posture – in two different heights – sleepers receive natural cures to their ongoing neck issues.

Additional features:

The pillow offers improved breathing alignment
It fits standard-sized pillow cases
It’s 100% hypoallergenic to reduce allergies or other nasal triggers
The pillow’s center offers quilted design to support in a soft, comfortable manner
It reduces pressure on face and ears – great for sleeping on one’s side or back
Sleepers can choose from two heights to find the perfect fit for your neck and back

For sleepers of all ailments, the Ortho-Fiber pillow is a budget-friendly way to offer nighttime support. Let its proven methods gently support the spine, and without introducing allergens or additional pains into your routine.

To learn more about what the pillow has to offer, head to Contour Living’s product page.