Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Reasons to Give a Back Massage for the Holidays

When shopping for the person who has everything, nothing says “what a thoughtful gift” like a massage. Whether in the form of a gift certificate, a power-operated chair, or a hand-held back scrawler, it’s a great way to offer comfort whenever it’s needed most. When considering the gift of massage this holiday season, consider these five compelling reasons as to why it should top your list.

5. It’s Self-Redeemable

Though it’s given around the holidays, massages can be scheduled for any time of year – right when your giftee needs it most. These post-dated presents offer a chance to redeem some holiday cheer even long after the decorations have been put away. (However, double check on gift card dates to see just how long their lifespan lasts.)

4. It Relaxes and Loosens the Back Muscles

A massage of any kind can work to ease any receiver into a more relaxed state, reducing tension, muscle tightness, and overall worries. This is often a must-need for those with stressful jobs or schedules.

3. It Can Lower Stress and Back Pains

For those with repeat back pain, a massage is a great way to relieve muscles. You can even ask for recommended types of pressure treatments, based on the location and severity of each person’s pain.

2. It’s a Gift Few Will Buy for Themselves

Though some often indulge in self-funded massages, most write it off as an unnecessary expense. What a great way to show a loved one they not only deserve a relaxing break, but that you’re willing to provide it for them.

1. It’s a Personal, Yet Universal Gift

Massages come in all lengths and types and can work into any way of life. Opt for different areas of techniques or backgrounds (acupuncture, deep tissue, aromatherapy, etc.) to best fit every massage-deserving person on your shopping list.