Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Contour's Pillow vs. a Regular Pillow – What's the Difference?

Contour Pillow
Let's face it, there are a ton of pillows out there – those that come in all shapes and sizes. All levels of firm-ness, and virtually any type of customization one could want. If there's an idea for it, it's likely there's a corresponding pillow that's made that idea a reality. But what are the real differences in each of these pillows? 

First, let's look at composition. Like with any product, low-cost items will be made with lower-cost goods; pillows offer a similar scenario. The hard part comes in dealing with items of higher value. Rather than just looking at price, see what each pillow is made from, and how that material might add sleeping perks. Is it hypoallergenic? Those with severe side effects will benefit from pillows that don't breed triggers. Is the pillow made from foam that won't wear? Will it continue to support night after night? Does it offer a single type of foam? Or multiple layers? 

Contour Living pillows are made with durable memory foam, and many pillows come with layers that are made to cradle and support for the long haul. 

Next, consider shape. Most pillows offer a static rectangle setup that can be fluffed and molded at your convenience. And, so long as it's made of supportive fillings (check the above), this can be a spine/neck-healthy way to go. Other pillows come in a form that's best designed for alignment. Be sure to read about your model, no matter what shape it's in, before purchasing. 

Additional factors, such as warranties, product guarantees, as well as company policies, return shipping (if applicable), and customer service should also be taken into consideration when comparing pillows. Before you buy, you want to make sure you'll be taken care of, and won't be left high and dry once your product comes in. 

In fact, that's why so many customers shop Contour Living time and again, great service that is now mirrored with our 90-day Comfort Guarantee policy. Love it or return it on qualifying items, no questions asked.