Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Perfect Last-Minute Camping Gift!

It's getting down to the wire when shopping for holiday gifts. Yet chances are you still have a person or two on your list. Those folks that just can't be shopped for – or for whom you've simply been too busy to pick out the ideal gift. But fret not! Contour Living is here to save the day. With pillows and alignment accessories that can be used for all occasions, we're the ideal stop for any hard-to-satisfy loved one. 

But today we take your shopping a step further. We're catering to die-hard campers, and providing them with an all-inclusive package. One that combines all their outdoor comfort needs and rolls it up into one easy-to-buy gift.

Pick up one for every outdoorsy person in your life and stock away for gifts that are great any time of year. Including birthdays, family get-togethers, moving fits, or just because!

The Contour camping package includes:

The Double Back and Leg Cushion – This dual use pillow can be split and used in two different ways in order for you to maximize your camping space. Support the neck and lower back at the same time, use as head support and a seat cushion, and then roll up for convenient packing.

Kabooti Seat Cushion – Get rear relief when driving or sitting around the campfire. You can even choose the camo pattern cover for an added touch of personalization for your campers. 

Cloud Mattress Pad – No matter how fun camping might be, it's still difficult to get a good night's rest on the ground. Opt instead for a Cloud mattress pad for a surface that's cushioned, proven comfortable, and comes with plenty of back support. 

Combined, these items work to create a cushy camping experience. Making the whole trip more enjoyable. 

Right now, it's even on sale. Add our holiday coupon codes to get even further savings. 

Head to the Camper Comfort Package page to order today.