Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Heartburn

Sleep on an incline to reduce heartburn
Out of all the great things about the holiday, food is absolutely one of them. The side effects that come from eating these rich foods, however, not so much. With all of the cream cheeses, the candies, heavy meats (and whatever else your family craves come December), it can be rough on the digestive system. Not only in the stomach, but in your esophagus. The combination of eating heavy and eating often – sometimes there are too many fun parties to say no to – causes the body to retaliate. 

Rather than suffering through the goodies, follow these guidelines to gain relief … while still eating your favorite dishes.

Eat Lighter – We know, it can be tough not to stuff your face with Grandma's best meals, but going easy will help the digestion process later. You can always go for a second plate, just allow your body to have a break first.

Eat Healthy Too – The best-tasting foods are the worst for you. But that doesn't mean you can't sprinkle in some vegetables now and there. Healthier dishes will provide your body with nutrients, while helping to break down all the fats.

Eat Earlier … Or Go To Bed Later – It's the holidays, you're allowed to set your own schedule. Putting more time between dinner and sleeping in particular can ensure your body has had enough time to break down the latest meal. This reduces the risk of heartburn greatly.

Take a Tummy Settler – Milk (dairy or an alternative), a glass of water, home remedies, such as apple cider vinegar and honey, peppermint tea, etc., can all ease your esophagus before bed. Use these beverages to calm down your stomach acid in a natural way.

Sleep on an Incline – If it's bedtime and you can feel the heartburn on its way, use a wedge pillow to get better sleep. This will require stomach acid to essentially climb before causing pain. 

Enjoy the holiday snacks with these easy and effective heartburn killing tricks.