Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Achieve Better Bunion Health

There are a number of Americans who suffer from bunions each and every day. Despite the pain and discomfort they cause, however, as well as embarrassment and inability to wear certain shoes, they receive little attention. A fact that becomes even more surprising considering there are simple cures that can help reduce or eliminate their appearance, as well as their side effects.

First of all, however, what causes bunions? What are they? Generally appearing in older folks, bunions are bony growths that appear on the side of one’s foot. Usually right off the big toe. They can be made worse by wearing improper or unsupportive shoes, though bunions also commonly appear through genetics. Even when feet have been properly cared for. Previous foot injuries can also increase the chance of bunions. 

To cure them, however, there are simple steps one can take. First off, if you’re not wearing proper shoes, get them. They don’t have to be granny shoes or approved for orthopedics, but should fully support and offer the big toe plenty of breathing room. On all sides. Next look to toe alignment devices, such as a toe brace. They will help pull pressure off the foot and keep everything in place, reducing pain in the process. Foot exercises, ice, and pain medications can also help lower symptoms and increase strength.

If none of the above works or if your bunion continues to worsen, it might be time to talk to your doctor about more invasive or more effective treatment options. Surgery has helped a number of patients, but should be seen as a last resort option, not as a first-instance cure-all. 

To learn more about bunions, or to discuss treatment options that are best suited for your needs, get in touch with your healthcare professional today.