Friday, February 6, 2015

Tips for Sleeping Better with a Cold

When stuffed up or not feeling your best, the thing you need most in life is sleep. However, when the airways aren’t clear, rest not only becomes difficult, but virtually impossible to find. Instead, we’re stuck coughing in order to better breathe and fall into a deep level of sleep. 

Pillows can certainly be stacked, or medicines taken to help remove mucus. Having an upset stomach brings on another set of issues altogether, causing you to feel nauseous when getting comfortable. But not without side effects, or wearing off too quickly. And stacked pillows always seem to lump and flatten throughout the night.  

Enter the MiniMax. 

This little guy is specifically designed to increase comfort, clear airways, and allow you to get comfortable through any number of symptoms. And because it’s adjustable, sleepers can choose various positions to meet their needs. As well as to beat whatever issues are keeping them from sleep. 

Use the MiniMax through flu season, to beat allergies, or for all of the above. Whether they take place throughout the spring, winter, or run into the summer as well. Simply adjust your MiniMax as needed to gain better and deeper rest each and every night. That can mean the size of wedge or height of your incline, or another position that allows comfort throughout the entire body. 

Elevate the head and shoulders to clear out your sinuses, raise the legs to help reduce nausea, or lay on the wedge while falling asleep to help reduce coughing or other symptoms that prevent rest. 

Treat Flu and Allergies with the MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge

Because the MiniMax is, well, mini, you can take it wherever you go. That means allergy relief while traveling. Sleep with the flu once heading to the couch, and more. Order one for your spouse as well; they’re affordable enough to stock up for the whole family!

To learn more or start receiving relief today, check out our MiniMax product page.