Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Perks of a Properly Aligned Neck

Few people worry about the alignment of their neck. Unless it’s hurting or causing some sort of health risk, they assume it’s taking care of itself. And don’t think much else about the neck. But when we consider everything that the neck does – or rather, what can go wrong when it isn’t functioning properly – it’s actually one of the first things we should be looking out for. 

A misaligned neck can cause headaches, pinched nerves, affect balance, and more. But when taken care of – supported by a foam pillow or adjusted by a medical professional – there’s plenty to be gained.

Ongoing Neck Care Can Offer:

Height – stand tall when the neck is fully straight and in place. It’s better for your posture, and for keeping the vertebrae in place.  

Proper mobility – when out of whack, it’s difficult to turn and view one’s surroundings, especially behind and to the sides. Better alignment, however, eliminates this issue, along with any pains that might come with it. 

Comfort – the neck can often trigger pains we didn’t even know were associated with its alignment. Headaches, back and shoulder issues, and more can all be solved with an in-line neck. 

Better understanding of health – if you know how it feels to be aligned, you’ll soon know how it feels when you’re out of place. Identifying this issue quickly can reduce long-term side effects by addressing misalignment immediately. 

Better circulation – this can improve health on its own, while also restoring range of motion in the neck and surrounding muscles, which reduces stress and tension within the body. 

Just because the neck doesn’t receive much attention doesn’t mean it isn’t an important part of the body. Or that it shouldn’t be looked after on a nightly basis. Consider upgrading your neck care routine today for an easy way to gain ongoing health benefits.