Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4 Ways Winter Can get you Out of Whack

By now, winter has been the season for multiple months. Meaning virtually everyone is tired of the cold – even those who generally love winter have had their fill of chilly months and cold precipitation. Especially those who’ve undergone multiple snowstorms. No matter your stance on winter, however, there is far more to the season than just how it affects our mood and our personal temperature. 

Keep these additional issues in mind during winter months to plan for better overall health.

4. Ice Jarring

Even the least accident prone among us have fallen victim to a slick patch of ice. Whether completely falling down or hitting a patch and struggling to find balance (you know, the really graceful act where your arms are flailing and look like you got attacked by a pack of bees), it can get your muscles out of whack. As well as your bone or spine alignment. 

3. Shivering

Trying to get warm leads the body to huddle and scrunch in some seriously unnatural ways. Though you might not notice it at the time, straining to get warm can pull or tense muscles, potentially causing injury. 

2. Dehydration

A constantly running heater can cause seriously dry skin. However, you might not feel excessively thirsty, even when you’re in need of H20. Dry skin can also itch and be susceptible to rashes or sores, diminishing its health in the process.

1. Eating Habits

When we’re cold, nothing sounds better than a heavy meal. Or a hot cup of coffee. However, these steamy and rich habits can slow down the digestion process, as well as cause us to take in too much caffeine. 

To avoid some of these winter-based side effects, one of the best places to start is simply being aware of what they can do. Take note of your winter environment, along with habits, to start avoiding the above today.