Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tips for Mattress Removal/Recycling

When opting for a new mattress set, one of the hardest parts is getting rid of the old model. There may be an empty storage room down the hall, or a room in need of a guest sleeping option – but what about houses that are already up to its rafters in beds? Or what about older past-their-prime beds that just need to be pitched? From selling, to recycling, there can be several ways to make easy departure of your old friend.

The next time you decide to buy, follow this simple guide for keeping your home to the optimal mattress ratio.

Have it Hauled Away

More often than not, the furniture store will have your old model hauled away for free. Ask when shopping for the new bed, which can sweeten the pot without upping the price. Be sure to remove sheets and clear any personal items from the delivery path to ensure a quick and easy transfer.

However, if it’s not offered free of charge, you can always pay for pick up, or take your mattress to the dump (which will cost you a few dollars as well).

Sell your Old Bed

For newer models that still have several years to live, recoup some of your money with a sale. Host a garage sale, spread the word to friends, or take out an ad in the paper or online. This likely won’t pay the bill in full, but is a nice way to offset some of the sticker shock of a brand new bed.

Recycle It

Depending on the size of your city, there may be available options to recycle or repurpose your old mattress. Check city websites, local charities, recycling plants or host a Craigslist ad in the “free” section. You just may find and an artist or creative type looking for old mattresses. (Be honest about the condition so others can decide whether its worthy for sleeping or if it’s recycle-able material.)

No matter what the future holds for your bed, there are plenty of safe, environmentally safe options to explore. Consider each for a painless way to free up your bedroom floor.