Thursday, November 21, 2013

4 Places to Avoid Falling Asleep This Thanksgiving

With a fully belly and a warm house, nothing sounds better than a nice afternoon nap. (This comes after mounting research that turkey causes sleepiness.) Whether a short catnap or lasting for hours on end, this post-dinner pick-me-up is just what eaters need to keep them going post dessert. However, before you curl up on the couch this coming Thursday, consider your other, more back-friendly options.

To avoid a backache this Thanksgiving – along with your bellyache – avoid falling asleep in these common napping locations.

4. The Recliner

Though comfy for sitting short-term, sleeping too long in this lazy-L position can cause lower back pain. Look for a sturdier lumbar placement for a power nap that doesn’t drain spinal support.

3. The Kitchen Table

When full, sometimes it’s just too difficult to stand up and move to a cozier location. Whether slouching in your dinner chair or bent over on the table, this position could cause serious repercussions to your mid-back, neck, and circulation. For the sake of staying pain-free, move to a new area before letting the turkey settle.

2. A Sagging Couch

When visiting Grandma or Great Aunt Nell, the draw to that classic family couch can grow strong. However, a sinking center means no support and little cushion for the areas that need it most. While these retro couches can be great for checking the latest football scores, try and stay awake and seated upright.

1. The Floor

The floor can be a truly awful place to take a snooze – after all it’s hard, unforgiving, and offers zero cushioning. Though stretching out may feel great after a big meal, look for the help of a leg, neck, or lower back pillow to help ease the blow of the hardened floor.

This Thanksgiving, a nap may be a well-earned necessity. However, remember to opt for comfortable, supportive locations to keep your spine in prime working order.