Friday, November 4, 2011

BackMax Wedge Cushions Now Extra-Wide!

The three-cushion, total body support wedge cushion system Now comes in an "Extra-Wide" version!

You asked for a wider version of our BackMax cushions and we listened! We now offer the same great cushion set in a 28" "extra-wide" version. Almost anyone can rest comfortably on these wider cushions. You will have space to rest your arms, and can relax in total support, even when using the BackMax on top of a higher bed or mattress.

We have improved our standard BackMax cushion set to offer a truly deluxe version! This set features the same ergonomic cushion design as our regular BackMax, plus the zippered design which allows the cushions to be used in multiple positions, together or individually. Now we've added a deluxe fleece cover to all surfaces of the cushions, so no matter how you position each cushion, you feel the plush comfort of this great cover. We've added a vibrating massage motor to the two largest cushions and included a convenient vinyl carry and storage bag.

  • Wider cushions are 10 inches wider than our standard deluxe version!
  • Wider design allows users to easily find total support, including space for arms on each side
  • Wider design also allows more room for all users (not just larger people) so that sleeping higher up (like on top of a mattress) feels more comfortable and stable.
  • Perfect for recovery after surgery or accidents, for elevation to help increase circulation or help with certain medical ailments, or for "power naps"
  • Constructed of high quality support foam, ergonomically contoured to comfortably support your entire body, including room for arms!
  • Unique zippered sections allows cushions to be used in multiple configurations together, or individually
  • Supports your entire body!  Elevate your head and upper body, knees, feet and/or legs in almost any recommended position for elevation
  • Use on the floor, couch or bed
  • Dual massage in torso and leg wedges soothes and relaxes
  • Super-Soft Fleece cover enhances comfort on all surfaces - looks and feels great
  • Half-roll pillow compliments wedge system by providing neck support. Can be used separately.
  • Convenient nylon carry bag for storage and travel
Note:  In use photos depict model using standard 18" wide version, NOT the larger 28" wide cushions now available.