Friday, November 18, 2011

The Better Back Max

You've finally reached that wonderful time of the day; post five o’ clock. The proverbial work day has come to an end, and home is on the horizon. You've looked forward to relaxing your aching body from the stress of endless e-mails, “Yes ‘Mams” and ‘Right away, Sirs”.  Unwinding in front of mindless television sounds more like paradise, and the cherry-on-top of this relaxation sundae comes in the form of pillow; the Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Body Wedge Pillow, that is.  Still just as sweet.
Contour Living has created such a product that is able to offer the entire body total comfort and support with the added benefit of massage. The Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Body Wedge Pillow Cushion set features an ergonomic cushion design matches the natural curvature of the spine. The torso wedge flips for use in a full upright or reclining position. It features the zero-gravity position, placing your body at a 120-degree angle, one of the most relaxed positions for your heart, body and nervous system. Delivering eight different ways to offer you total body comfort, this system is perfect for reading, watching TV, or relaxing anywhere. It not only supports your head and upper body, but your knees, feet and legs are also comforted in any position as the dual massage in the torso and leg wedges soothes and relaxes. Our customers favor this pillow especially post-recovery from surgery or an accident, as it elevates to help increase circulation or assists with medical ailments.
Treat yourself to a relaxing night after work, every night. The Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Bed Wedge system is able to provide the ultimate in rest and relaxation.