Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Product: Kabooti Ice!

Great news for Kabooti lovers and the entire Contour Living community, we have a new product, the Kabooti Ice Therapeutic Seat Cushion! Still hosting all of our favorite Kabooti support options, customers can now receive cooling relief every time they sit down. Whether suffering from aches and pains or are recovering from surgery, this cool-pack option helps alleviate layers of discomfort. 

Best of all, it comes in the same product you've grown to know and love; the Kabooti Seat Cushion has long-since been a Contour best seller. With its supportive foam and coccyx cut out, it's the perfect combination to encourage posture while providing rear relief. The Kabooti is also great for long-term sitting whether at the office, in the car, or while seated at home. 

Its latest addition now brings an icepack directly to the coccyx cutout, reducing pressure and creating a blast of cold to some of your most sensitive pains. Perfect for those suffering from hemorrhoids, post-partum discomfort, testicular pain, perineal wounds, as well as post-surgery recovery. Or, if you have regular lower back or coccyx aches, Kabooti Ice can continue to reduce pressure, only now with added soothing abilities. 

Use the new Kabooti to stick to doctor-recommend icing schedules. Or, remove the cold pack and use your seat cushion as normal. With this versatile product, you're bound to find multiple pain relief efforts. And, because it comes with an ergonomic design and discreet look, only you know it's a specialty model! Use it whenever you need cooling comfort, or simply sit pretty (and supported) on your classic Kabooti for everyday support. 

To learn more about Kabooti Ice and how it can help your personal needs – from medical condition(s), to wanted comfort – check out our product page. Start shopping today and experience the Kabooti difference – now with ice!