Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year, New Pillowcase

Can you remember the last time you upgraded to a new pillowcase? If the answer is yes, was it within the last six months? And if the answer is no, it's definitely time for an upgrade. With the start of a new year brings on a perfect time to buy new – a date that will be easy to remember, and a great way to step into 2016. With a fresh and clean sleeping surface that allows you to recharge for your upcoming days. Better sleep will mean a perkier mood, more productive days, and a positive outlook on life. 

So why not upgrade your pillowcase today?

Best of all, they're on sale! For a limited time, you can purchase a new pillowcase for 50% off at Contour Living. Offer good for bed pillowcases, CPAP pillows, and flip pillow covers. Get one to test out the material, or upgrade your entire house's sleeping fleet for a fresh way to enter into the New Year. 

Everyone in your household can benefit from these material adjustments! 

Benefits of New Pillowcases

While they, like sheets, can be laundered regularly, pillowcases have a tendency to wear out. Washing machines and dryers will only further this process. Allergies can also cling to older materials, or have the likelihood to be present. The older your pillowcase, the more likely it is to fade or change shape, too. By starting with a fresh model, you can ensure your case is fitted properly. You can also experience smoother, softer textures to lie upon every night.

Are you ready to upgrade and save with your latest pillowcase? Shop Contour Living's website for access to all our favorite models. And to check out which versions will best fit your pillow. Use coupon code COVERME at checkout to experience the savings!