Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can a Knee Pillow Help Back Pain?

Using Leg Pillows to reduce Back pain
For years folks have been talking about using knee pillows to help with all types of back issues. That, even though the support isn't directly located on the painful area (the lower back), a pillow can bring on all levels of relief. The reasoning behind this claim, however, is solid, no matter how unrelated the actual treatment might sound. Here's why:

When we experience lower back pain, it's often caused by a secondary issue – a part of the body that's acting up and putting strain elsewhere. Likely hips, knees, etc. that's moving pressure up into the back. Nerves can be touchy and send pain signals, or sciatic areas can be making up for other areas that are failing to do their intended job. But no matter the cause, lower backs are one of the most common areas to experience pain. It's a center hub for functions, and takes a brunt of our daily tasks, even when that means we're sleeping.

However, by providing better alignment and reducing those same pressure points, back pain can be eliminated all on its own. Like with a knee pillow that's designed to keep the spine steady, reduce gravity on the hips, and promote blood and oxygen circulation. The pillow can also keep pressure from setting in on the lower back, which can cause pain round-the-clock, not just while lying down. 

Whether or not your knees and their alignment are the culprit, using a knee pillow will allow you to obtain better spine health through virtually any sleeping position. In fact, regular back pain patients often feel immediate relief when sleeping with this type of pillow. 

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