Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tips for Giving an at-home Massage

When is the last time you treated yourself to a massage? A deep, or even quick one to help induce relaxation and melt away the day’s stress? Even though they host so many perks, it’s a habit that few stick with on a regular basis. Whether they’re heading to the salon or having their significant other perform them at home.

The fact is, however, the latter is far more budget (and schedule) friendlier. And easier to do than you might think. 

To give a great massage at home, without the training, follow these simple tips.

Angle matters. Have your significant other lie on the bed or couch while you stand. If there’s not enough room between you, you won’t be able to reach or apply necessary pressure. 

Next, communicate. Ask your partner to tell you when to give more pressure, what feels best, and so on. It’s likely you can watch them sink deeper into a relaxed state when you hit the right stress-release spot. But ask to make sure, especially through the first few massages. (And if they don’t want to hear it during, take a few minutes after to hash it out.)

Apply even pressure. Might seem easy, but pay attention to what your hands are doing at all times. It’s a skill that will get easier with time and allow you to earn a feel for the craft.

Don’t skimp. Massage evenly throughout the body. Whether your main focus is the neck, back, or a sore leg – be sure to hit all muscles and tendons in that area. (Don’t worry, if something hurts or tickles, they’ll tell you.)

Set a timer. When giving the massage, it’s always easier to make it shorter than the muscles need. (And when getting, you want it to last longer.) Set a timer to ensure you’re spending the proper amount of time on each section, and are best approaching the healing/relaxation process.