Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Products to ease your pregnancy growing pains

Growing another person is no easy business. It’s nine full months of eating, prepping, and planning for a brand new human to come into the world. And oftentimes that means being uncomfortable – no matter how comfortable you try and become. With the excess weight (especially when it’s unbalanced), boating, constant sickness, and any other discomfort of being pregnant, it’s simply hard to ease the body into the resting state that you so hard want to achieve. 

Whether you’re experiencing actual pains or just frustrations, there are plenty of products designed just for you. And available just in time for Mother’s Day! (Or rather, Mother-to-be Day.)

Pillows, such as the Flip Pillow and L Pillow offer great relief. Adjust and turn as needed in order to rotate support and place cushioning right where you need it most. While the Back Wedge will help ease spinal pressure – perfect for reading in bed or relaxing and watching TV. 

When sitting, the Kabooti Cushion will displace weight, and ease pain off of the tailbone, which can become more severe with pregnancy. 

And, for extreme cases – which is to say toward the end of your pregnancy – enlist the help of the BackMax Plus. A full body pain relief solution. Rearrange in order to reduce pressure, add comfort, or simply give the back a break. It also comes in a smaller version, the MiniMax, for a more portable or affordable version. 

Finally, to-be moms can gain leg and back relief with the Leg Pillow and the Double Back. Each of which is placed between the legs to provide alignment. While sleeping, or just when resting throughout the day. 

Being pregnant can be rough, especially when trying to sleep. Treat yourself this Mother’s Day (or any day) and get some much needed help from our Contour faves.