Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Customer Reviews Say it Best! Check Out the Twist Neck Pillow

Traveling? Staying in? No matter your destination, nothing quite says “comfort on the go” like our Twist Neck Pillow. All it takes is a few maneuvers and you can be on your way to sitting in any position without losing neck support. And without having to crane and adjust the body in order to get it. (You know the pain of twisting and adjusting the body until you get settled just so.)

But not only is this little guy convenient, it’s portable, and incredibly comfortable. Don’t take our word for it though – take its continued sales patterns. As well as reviews from actual Twist Pillow users.

“This is my 2nd twist pillow. I bought the 1st over 12 years ago. I can twist one end up when seated so my head is supported while I sleep flying over the Atlantic. I am able to use it in a hotel as a CPAP pillow when I use my machine,” January 2015 
“I use it at home to stretch my neck. Perfect size and resilience.” July 2014 
“Bought one in 1997 & found I could turn up one end to rest my head while I sleep. Am a CPAP user. It is great to sleep on as the pillow does not interfere with the mask. It goes with me on all travels now.” July 2014 
“I saw one of these pillows while on a long flight oversees and continued to look for one of my own for two years. I finally found one at a small drug store and bought the last one they had. Once I knew who made it, I looked them up on their web page and discovered the full line of amazing products. After reviewing all the products, I still decided to go with more of the same thing because it is so versatile. Am enjoying the pillow very much and have decided to purchase extras as gifts.” July 2014 
“Fell asleep in front of the TV again. This really helps!” May 2013 
“This product is great. I take it everywhere with me. I have several bulging disks in my neck plus fibromyalgia and this pillow gives the perfect support no matter if I am laying down reading, in the car, or watching TV on the sofa.” May 2013