Thursday, May 28, 2015

Airline Precautions with Comfort Travel Items

There’s no doubt that airline security is on the rise. It’s a good but necessary change, in order to keep everyone safe. On that quest, however, we also put ourselves through some serious scrutiny, like body scans, metal detectors, and more. Again, a necessary part of this safety process, even if it isn’t particularly fun. 

In order to make security checkpoints faster and easier for all involved, it’s first important to know flight regulations. How they change and what’s specific to your next destination. (Overseas is most difficult as this is hardest to get information for, and it can be more difficult to communicate when dealing with various native languages.)

This also might mean bringing on paperwork for all of your travel products, including pillows and seat cushions. This was brought to our attention when a long-term user of Contour items said she uses this trick, after having difficulties in a French airport with a support piece that sat in a pillow’s interior. Especially for items that can’t be opened or dissected for inspection. With its description, travelers can express the pillows’ make up to get on their plane in a far quicker fashion. 

Next, look up to ensure that you can bring on various travel items as a carry-on. You don’t want to be charged extra just because an airline’s rules were difficult to understand. (Almost all airlines offer unpaid carry-ons, but might count a purse or diaper bag as a separate item.)

Finally, determine which items you most need to make for an easy, comfortable flight. Based on the size of plane or length of flight, you might be more in need of neck support, seat cushion, or even a combo model that offers all of the above in a single combinable device.