Friday, December 12, 2014

Sudden Pains and What Their Warning Signs Might Mean

Obviously it’s a concern when the body suddenly starts showing signs of pain. In any capacity. The more severe the pain, the more concerned you should be, and so on. They become even more evident with recurring bouts, or when aches get sharper or last for longer periods of time.

When these take place, however, what do you do? Take medication(s) to make them go away? Ignore them? Or do you look to the root of the cause in order to see why they’re taking place to begin with? By looking at the cause, rather than the symptom, you might be made aware of an even deeper issue. Such as a hurt muscle or injury that’s finally making its way to the surface. 

The Underlying Cause of Pains

The pain might be nothing – warning of an upcoming weather change. Maybe a communication that the day’s nutrition count hasn’t been met. Or it might be your body letting you know a muscle had just been worked harder than normal. 

It also might mean you’re sick – whether slightly or seriously. It might mean the body is telling you something is wrong, a muscle has been tweaked to the point of injury, or any number of outside injuries. 

Considering the implications that could be taking place, it’s best to check with an expert instead.

One being your doctor, who will have a working knowledge of the muscle system and each of its triggers. Another, though, is you. No one knows your body better than you. Which means, when it “acts up,” you know what’s new and what’s a daily norm. Allowing you to better explain pain to your doctor as it’s happening, or even before it happens, once you’re aware of pre-ache signs. 

Check back for more muscle-pain articles, as well as tips on what your next steps should be.