Monday, December 22, 2014

Tips for Sleeping Away This Holiday Season

With all the traveling and visiting that’s to be done this time of year, many of us find ourselves sleeping away from home. Whether that’s in a guest bed, on the couch, on an air mattress, or worst of all – on the floor. Maybe even a combination, depending on how much hopping around is to be done and how many houses visited. 

No matter where you rest your head this holiday season, however, there are a few simple and proven steps that can help you get a better night’s rest. Even if you are sleeping on the hard ground or on a too-worn mattress. 

To eliminate back pain, bring along an add-on item such as a leg pillow or wedge to create a better-aligned surface. Many come in portable sizes, and range in all types of specialties, depending on what type of issue ails you most. For instance, a Contour Leg Pillow to better set the spine while laying on one’s side. Or a Wedge Cushion to reduce acid reflux when only a flat pillow is within reach. 

Traveling in Better Health

There are also plenty of sitting travel options to make life easier (and less painful). Opt for a rear or back cushion that can be placed on top of your seat – whether in a car, bus, or plane. Or pack along a backrest that will keep you sitting comfy and alert through the entire traveling process. 

Best of all, each of these products can be found in foldable, or travel sizes. So as to not take up much space while still offering real-time results.

And, of course, if you’re hosting this holiday season, it doesn’t hurt to have plenty of comfort items for your guests. Mattress pads, pillows, and more can all make for a more enjoyable stay and better sleep to be had by all.