Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Save Your Back With a Proper Shovel

Winter weather can bring us all types of conditions. Freezing temps and bitter winds that cut through even the thickest of clothing options. It can also bring on inches of snow and ice that work to make everyday life difficult. Especially when you’re in charge of clearing it out of your driveway. A task that can cause the back to cringe just thinking about the ample shoveling ahead. 

However, with the help of a proper shovel – which is to say one that’s made for gripping and better weight placement – homeowners can work to eliminate shoveling-induced pains. These types of shovels should be readily available at your local hardware or outdoor supply store. Though attachments can sometimes be found at pharmacies or the doctor’s office.

When setting out to find the perfect shovel, talk to a salesman (or your doctor beforehand) and which styles offer what types of support. You can even give them a test run right there in the store. There won’t be snow, of course, but you’ll have a better idea as to how the shovel feels in use. Foot stance, grip, type of boots (or inserts for the arch) and more can also work to even out weight displacement

Other Back-Saving Shoveling Tips

When shoveling snow – especially the wet kind – it’s a good idea to take smaller scoops. Though this might take longer overall, it will work your arm and back muscles to a lesser degree. 

Then, once you’re done shoveling, be sure to stretch out the back. Especially if these are muscles you rarely use. Even a few minutes will help reduce ongoing pains that are inevitable for the infrequent shovel-er. Drinking plenty of water and a protein-rich meal can also eliminate soreness. 

Be sure to pick up a back-friendly shovel before the next snow hits your area.