Friday, November 7, 2014

How Much Sitting is Too Much?

For those who work behind a desk, sitting is an inevitable part of the day. It accounts for the majority of your time, and is how you’re able to work and make a living. All while sitting. Though it’s great to take a walking break throughout the day or to do the occasional project while standing, there’s still a large portion of your day that calls for a rear in the seat and hands at the keyboard. 

But how much sitting is too much? According to research, adults who sit more than half of their waking hours can be at risk for serious health risks. In contrast, those who stand or are on the move more than half of their day are proven to have better overall health. Including metal health factors, such as perceptions toward daily situations and overall mood. 

For those who are stuck at a desk, however, doctors say a great way to avoid “too much” sitting is by keeping track of desk hours. Or incorporating standing tactics as much as possible. Like standing while eating, taking walking coffee breaks, or even propping up one’s computer to a standing position. Even attributing a small portion of the working day to standing can offer positive results, such as better moods, more energy, and better overall health. 

You should also talk to your boss about standing options and what tactics they’re able to offer. Some companies will foot the bill for standing desks, or provide longer days with more breaks so that employees can get in as much movement time as possible. There might even be productivity incentives for workers who opt for a day with more standing hours. 

Whatever your preferences for standing vs. sitting, remember that being on the move can work to improve your health. Talk to your boss to start raising health perks today.