Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Learn More About the MiniMax with this Informative Video

Ready to learn more about our latest product? Find out everything you wanted to know about the MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge and more by watching our latest YouTube addition. (Shown below.) The video even shows some of the best ways to use this innovative cushion to find some much-needed relief. Because the pillow offers five positions in a single product, you’re sure to find the support you need – even for multiple areas of the body – all in one single Contour Living product. 

Not only can you adjust with the pillow’s unique zip and hinge features, you can mix and match to create the best possible fit. For instance, placing your head in the contoured section to receive maximum neck and upper spine support. Or placing the MiniMax directly on a couch (or on the bed) to create an extra layer of bodily support.

The video also shows the different positions that the cushion can be folded into. Adjust and conform, depending on which section of the body needs extra TLC – long-term or from a day-by-day basis. Fold to hold up the legs, adjust to give the neck an extra support boost, or unzip sections to better hold up the head or feet. Whatever your comfort needs, the MiniMax can be conformed to help sort them out!

Best of all, this video shares some of the best ways to help get you there. And as quickly as possible Customize the MiniMax based off your experience with the BackMax Plus, or start from scratch and start fresh with this innovative product. 

Learn more by watching our customized (and customer-inspired) video here:

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