Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sleep Better with Neck Alignment

There are few things worse than waking up with a crick in one’s neck. It’s painful, ongoing, and make it difficult to make it through the rest of the day. At least without turning one’s entire body each time you need to rotate your head. And while these pains might not be an everyday occurrence, when they do take place, they are less than comfortable to deal with.

Sleeping with a more supportive pillow, however, can work to reduce those cricks each and every night. Because neck-based pillows are designed specifically to cradle the spine and upper portions of the back, bones are better kept in place and held there throughout various sleeping positions. Meanwhile, muscles are kept from pinching or becoming displaced as you move. (Generally, neck pains happen when we’re sleeping, because we’re too relaxed to feel excess pressure put on muscles. Neck muscles also create more pain due to an increase in sensitivity levels.) 

When opting for versions with memory foam, you can even create a more comfortable pillow simply by using it. Each night you sleep, the pillow will better form to your body and create a custom fit. While additional add-ons, such as cooling foam, head cutouts, and more, offer a more personalized sleeping experience for each user. Sleepers are also proven to get deeper, longer periods of sleep with these type of bed products. Because they allow you to become (and stay) more comfortable, REM cycles will take place without interruption. (You can even learn more about individual cycles by talking with your doctor or a sleep expert.)

To learn more about supporting your neck while you sleep, head to Contour Living and check out our various options. Have a question or comment? Live chat with a specialist and find the best fit for you!