Friday, September 26, 2014

Natural Ways to Stay Pain Free This Fall

Now that the first day of fall has officially taken place, it’s time to think about everything fall. Cooler temps are already upon us, and the changing weather can mean any number of upcoming changes. Whether that be recipes, clothing, or how you deal with pain management – dropping temps and an increase in moisture can lead to some serious joint pain. 

By taking preventative measures and being aware of this upcoming pain, patients can greatly reduce the effects brought on by changing weather. Tactics such as supportive pillows and eating healthier can help the body to eliminate its own pain-inducing symptoms. Patients can also keep an eye on the weather so they’ll have a better idea as to when the most significant changes might take place. And when barometric drops are predicted, stretching or exercises can help reduce tension by strengthening muscles. 

Natural substances, such as teas or herbal remedies can also soothe joints by offering anti-inflammatory capabilities. (And let’s face it, sometimes they just make us feel better on cold and rainy days.) Certain diet changes can also work to strengthen joints and muscles, while plenty of water can increase circulation and blood flow, which is a proven method to reduce aches and pains. As for days when the body is aching as a whole, it might just be time for a hot bath, which is also a good way to heat up on cold nights. (You can also talk to your doctor to explore available medical options.)

Changing weather is an inevitability, especially in regions that receive all four seasons. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer during the transition from hot to cold and dry to wet. 

Test out these natural tactics to keep your body feeling its best through even the most severe of weather changes.