Thursday, September 11, 2014

Football Traditions That Can Leave you Down in the Back

Fall means football, one of America’s favorite pastimes. And with it comes a heavy dose of tradition. Aside from the actual games themselves, people will travel from miles around to barbeque, tailgate, play backyard games, and more. All in support of this beloved sport. However, just because said pastimes are enjoyed, doesn’t mean they don’t (or can’t) leave you hurting in their wake.

To stay healthy and fit all through football season, remember these side effects that can occur from all the tailgating fun.

Actually Playing Football

Most of the time it’s left to the players, but throwing around a football before the game can cause serious injury. Whether in the back, shoulders, or outside muscles, playing too rough of a game is sure to leave you hurting well past the fourth quarter.

Heavy Tailgate Gear

Tailgating can often mean some serious equipment hauling. Rather than lifting items that are too bulky for travel, consider easier methods instead. Such as coolers with wheels, or lightweight tents that can be held in place by ropes or pins. These simple gestures can do wonders for the body and leave you pain free the following day. 

Sitting in Bench Seats for the Entire Game

We’ve all sat in the cheap seats. Where no back supports are given and we’re left to our own devices to sit up straight. And while sometimes they’re a necessity, they can also leave your rear screaming for some cushion. Next time you’re left with a bench seat, remember to bring a retractable back or pillow to help ease some the sitting pain. 

Unhealthy Foods

Chowing down on dips might be tasty at the time, but they can also do a number on your digestive system. Remember to take these snacks in stride, or to pack along some healthier alternatives for a stomach that isn’t rumbling during the big game.

To make the most out of your football team’s season, follow these simple health-friendly tips.