Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why Healthy Muscles Matter

Despite everything they do for us in a given day, it can be easy to overlook the body’s muscles. Unlike limbs or lungs that provide a very visible function, the muscles contribute to every single movement we make. Even the small ones … or ones that don’t require moving at all, such as sitting or standing. In fact, we have more than 600 muscles in the body, all of which help contribute to gestures, breathing, blood flow, and more. Yet they’re still overlooked. With their incredible responsibilities, however, we need to ensure each muscle is up to top working abilities. 

Without proper health, the body can suffer in function efficiency, strength, and more. Generally without us even knowing what’s taking place beneath the surface. 

When an injury does occur, it’s not only harder to use a specific body part, it creates a weakened space around the torn or pulled area. This can not only lower muscle strength, but decrease other body parts’ abilities in the process. 

What Healthy Muscles Can Do

Aside from the obvious, such as allowing us to play sports, and perform even the smallest of movements, muscles have a number of additional uses. They help keep joints strong and working properly, they keep the heart pumping and moving blood throughout the body. Additionally, muscles help hold bones and organs in place, while allowing them perform their duties as needed. Toned muscles will also allow you more strength not only physically, but when burning fat and digesting foods. Overall, it’s a team effort contributing toward the goal of total body health.

For all they do for us, be sure to take proper care of your muscles on any given day. This includes a proper diet, exercise, sleep, as well as hydration. It’s one of the healthiest ways to care from your body from the inside out.